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Adidas Eyewear Evil Eye Halfrim Pro XS Glasses Silvermet,adidas for sale ph,Wholesale_checkout
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- Decentered Vision Advantage™ PC Lens


Vision Advantage™ PC Lens
The Vision Advantage™ PC lenses from Adidas Eyewear satisfy optical quality class 1 and ensure 100 % UVA, -Band -C protection up to 400 nanometers. Scratch and impact force resistant

- Wrap-around View


Every sport has different demands on the equipment used. Adidas Eyewear delivers multiple solutions and next-generation technology frames to fulfill these needs. This is achieved through our close cooperation with top athletes during product development to ensure we deliver the benefits specific to their sports.

wrap-around frame

The wrap-around frame technology with the extensive, up to 10base, curvature of the frame and lens provides the widest field of vision and gives you a snug fit. It ensures that the Adidas Eyewear will not dismount and protects your eyes from any kind of external influences.

- Wrap-around Protection

- Quick-Change Lens System™

lens change

Quick-Change Lens System™ is a sophisticated lens fixation that not only guarantees a proper fit, but also allows for easy lens changing. Simple, fast and sturdy – your Adidas Eyewear lenses are built for easy handling. No matter what the light and weather conditions, with one simple movement you will be well prepared.

- TRi.FIT™


There is no ‘standard’ size or shape of a head or nose; we are all different. To ensure a perfect fit, Adidas Eyewear has developed
cutting-edge frame technology to allow its frames to be adjusted to fit every person perfectly.

angle of the lens

Everyone’s head and ears are slightly different. To make sure that the eyewear fits everyone perfectly for each kind of sport, Adidas Eyewear has developed a TRI.FIT™ system. With 3 different height adjustments, this system ensures a perfect fit and compensates for the angle of light rays, thereby eradicating the dazzling effects caused.

- Double-Snap Nose Bridge™

individual nose fixation

To optimize the resting position on your nose, the Double-Snap Nose Bridge™ offers an adjustment at the width of the nose, creating a perfect fit without any pressure points. The non-slip, soft material gives a secure and comfortable feel.

- Auto Fit

- Grip Systems




- Quick-Release Hinge™

The Quick-Release Hinge™ is a system that protects both your eyes and your eyewear during heavy impact. Instead of your eyewear getting damaged or breaking, which could hurt your eyes, the temples release and, with a quick and easy reinsertion, your Adidas Eyewear is ready to be used again.

- Sweat Blocker

To make sure that sweat does not disturb your performance, Adidas Eyewear has developed a sweat blocker. It is a system that allows you to quickly and easily remove or attach it. The foam on the sweat blocker also supports the anti-fog functionality of the frame.

- Ventilation System

The outdoor eyewear model terrex pro also comes with a nose cover. It is a removable part that has been developed together with the frame to ensure a perfect fit whilst still allowing for good ventilation.


Full sight – full functionality

With the RXready Performance Insert™, Adidas Eyewear guarantees clear vision for each athlete and, as a result, improved concentration and performance. The Performance Insert™ can be integrated easily and rapidly into adidas performance sports eyewear without interfering with the functionality.

Various adidas performance casual and sport performance models offer the possibility of inframe glazing. This RX solution enables an individual adjustment for a perfect vision - in sports and everyday life.

In the box:

- Microfiber case

- Hard Case

- Additional pair of Glasses

- Protector against sweat

LENS: LST active silver (CAT 3)
SECOND LENS: LST bright (antifog) (CAT 1)

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